Sacred Italy against English rival, rejoices in the streets

Les Ecossais ont sorti les drapeaux italiens pour fêter la défaite du rival anglais.

Le Scan Sport – In both Edinburgh and Glasgow, the coronation of the Nazionale against the English hereditary enemy gave rise to scenes of great joy.

Even though their selection has disappeared from the Euro 2020 group stage, the Scots celebrated after the final at Wembley on Sunday. Not so much to celebrate Italy’s victory but to celebrate the English neighbor’s defeat at the end of the penalty shoot-out (1-1, 3 tab. As in Rome and the four corners of Italy, Scots took to the streets in large numbers to celebrate this special moment.

In Glasgow, for example, ravens have invaded Queens Park, waving Italian flags with horns and a concert of endless chants. The country’s capital Edinburgh also saw scenes of glee, prompting a reaction from Tony Giuliano, the politician whose origins are Transalpine. “Cars blow horns loudly. Are we in Rome in Scotland?“Mocked the chosen ones with their message along with videos of euphoria that were popular till very late night. Fireworks have also been seen in various places in Glasgow.

If the local press, for the most part, treats the Euro final with fairness and vision, National, a magazine in favor of Scottish independence, welcomed the Transalpine coronation with much relief. “It’s coming to Rome!“(She’s Coming Back to Rome!, Editor’s Note) The publication is titled with humour, particularly complimenting the work of coach Roberto Mancini in comparing Robert the Bruce, the historical figure and the Scottish against the English and King of Scotland. Symbols of Resistance. Starting from the 14th century. This weekend, the daily did not hesitate to create a montage of the Italian’s face, presented as their “last hope”, including Braveheart, for Scottish independence William Wallace, the protagonist of the conflict, was nicknamed the five Oscar blockbuster, played by Mel Gibson.

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national newspaper on monday Doctor

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