Saudi Arabia and Berhan, Zero Carbon Emissions by 2060

Gaffe BoJo, 'Thatcher chiuse miniere di carbone? Benemerita' - Europa

(ANSA) – DUBAI, October 24 – Saudi Arabia is committed to zero carbon emissions by 2060. And just hours later, Barhein follows his neighbor in the Middle East with the same announcement. After the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Emirate of Berhan, the world’s largest oil exporter, are also committed to neutralizing carbon emissions.

Saudi Arabia’s announcement made it to the Saudi Green Initiative Forum in Riyadh, which over the weekend feared the Kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The project has a coverage of $187 billion for the private sector.

The goal that Prince MBS has given is to build a green economy for the generations to come.

De Barhain followed closely.

The announcement comes on the eve of John Kerry’s visit to the US climate policy representative, Riah, just before COP26 in Scotland starting October 31.

Kerry will meet with MBS and launch a number of initiatives and conferences in the Middle East to discuss the Green Shift. (the handle).

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