Save heating costs: You can save a lot of money with these tricks (VIDEO)

Save heating costs: You can save a lot of money with these tricks (VIDEO)
Watch the video: You can save a lot of money on heating up with these four easy tricks.

When it gets cold, we turn on the heating in the house. But heating can be quite expensive. With these four tips, you can effectively heat and ventilate—and save money.
1. Free Radiators: Heaters can only release their heat evenly throughout the room if nothing gets in the way. Upholstered furniture or hanging curtains increase heating costs by up to five percent.
2. Correct ventilation: “Cross ventilation” through opposite windows or rooms is best. A large part of the room’s air turns into a powerful air stream after a few minutes. On the other hand ventilation is not effective with sloping windows.
3. Bulkheads Tight: Keep shutters, shutters and curtains closed at night, as they improve the insulation value of windows – especially when the outside temperatures are low.
4. Hot water is pure energy: We use about 13 percent of the energy consumed in the home to heat water. So a hot full bath is a priceless pleasure that you better not do without. It is better to take a smaller shower with an economy shower head. That way you use ten times less water and heat energy.
So you warm in autumn and winter without worrying about heating bills.

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