Saved 2020: Dr. F. C. F. K. Santa Claus has been declared ‘Innate Immunity’ from Covid-19.

Saved 2020: Dr. F. C. F. K. Santa Claus has been declared 'Innate Immunity' from Covid-19.

If there was a 2020 movie, this review would be: Zero Stars, would not recommend.

An epidemic swept the land, bringing with it masks and loneliness, racial riots and looting spread, and the presidential election will not end. Plus, murder hornets.

Thanksgiving fairs have been canceled across the country, meaning families will not be able to gather for festivals and football. So now the question is: will the last great holiday of the year also happen?

With social distance being mandatory, children should be surprised that Santa Claus will slide down the chimney (or at least pop through the window) to deliver gifts. He is merciful and that doing Eats a lot of cookies, so it might be considered a “risk”. It can be a “super spreader” – and the fact that it slips into every house (and apartment) in the world, if there is one person who Really Spread COVID-19, it’s Santa Claus.

But finally, there is some good news in 2020. Jolly Old St. Nick has “innate immunity” from the virus, said Dr. John H. Snyder, director of the National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which serves on the White House coronavirus. Says Anthony Fauci. Task Force.

“Santa is exempt from this because of all the good qualities Santa has a very good innate immunity.” Said USA Today last week. “Santa won’t infect anyone.”

But Santa will not make his usual appearance in the malls of the U.S., New York Times Report Last week.

“We all check most of the checks. We are almost all elderly, we are almost all obese and almost all have some kind of health condition. Diabetes, shortness of breath, you name it, “Stephen Arnold, a 70-year-old businessman, told the Times. “So we should all be careful. And to do that, we connect with our past customers and try to be creative. “

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Messi, who has been hosting Santa since 1861, will go virtually to you this holiday season.

“To mimic the magical experience of visiting Messi’s Santal Nd for children and their families, we will move to Virtual Engagement this year,” said Susan Teresero, Messi’s vice president of branded entertainment, in a press release.

“The experience begins with a welcome through the virtual elves that lead to Santa’s village and workshop, stopping to see the sights and playing interactive games. Finally, the kids will meet Santa via an interactive video, where they will be able to share their holiday wish list and take selfies, which families can download immediately with Santa, ”CNN reported. Report.

And Santa will still appear in the department store’s Thanksgiving Day parade, although the parade will be very different from years ago. “In September, Messi announced that he was turning the event into a ‘television-special release’ this year, with a 75 per cent drop in the number of people taking part in the parade, leaving the traditional New York City route. And 80 to 100 handlers that normally run balloons will be replaced by special vehicles.

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