Scholarship Rains to Liuk –

Scholarship Rains to Liuk -

“Ahead of what is happening in Ukraine, it is good to focus our attention on the younger generation, who through competence, passion and determination have reached important milestones”. In Liuk tonight they want to draw attention to young people, facing the struggle that keeps the world in suspense. after the words of President Ricardo Comerio Four scholarships were distributed.

Nicoletta Gulfo Three thousand euros was awarded by Amici della Liuc as the first year of the Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management. still three thousand euros Martina Gusoni With a scholarship in memory of Aldo Ferrazzi for the third year of a three-year degree in Business Administration in Canada.

was given five thousand and 500 euros Antony Del Gesso For the third year of the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Scotland and one thousand and 500 Euro a Martina Pylon For the first year of the Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

«I would like to heartily thank the University and donors for supporting me three years and now in the Master’s path, rewarding my commitment and supporting me in achievements – declared Nicoletta Galfo -. I am proud to belong to a university that rewards its students with affection, showing how Ability is a concrete and not an imaginary reality, I hope that one day I myself will be able to support new LIUC students, demonstrating how commitment is rewarded by those who believe in us and in our potential ».

Martina Pilon was also present at the ceremony: “If I were to express in one word what the Liuk Alumni Merit Award represents to me, I would use “strength”: the strength to persevere, in everything I do. To be persistent and above all, to strive relentlessly to achieve my goals.At the same time, this recognition gives me Unique opportunity to invest in yourself and your skillsTo develop knowledge that will help me achieve my goals ».

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The other two students, Martina Gressoni and Anthony Del Gesso, both on Erasmus, sent a video contribution to thank the donors and Liuk.

During the current academic year, to date, he has been awarded 57 scholarships from regional funds and 56 scholarships from other funds, while 79 are merit-based awards,

Hence important resource for youth. “The theme of this evening is Social Mobility of Young People – Said” Rector Federico Visconti It is important to support our youth. Some funds come from the university, a little from the field and donors are welcome. A path must be taken again with courage in the hope of being able to finance internships abroad.

Scholarship awarded in collaboration with Friends of Liuk and Liuk Alumni. To represent these associations, the President fabio bettinelli Who explained the goal of partnership. “We are committed to making the University a renowned name in the field and raising funds for deserving students”. And alessandro vignati: « This is an opportunity to give a message to the students. We need to focus on competency, our skills, but we also want to focus on new projects, open teamwork. Our goal is to reaffirm our commitment. We will organize a mentorship program with very important profiles that will come to the university to listen to the students and provide information on careers and skills.

Another date worth noting on Liuk’s diary is March 11 when it will be set in London. First London community of Liuk graduates, So far, about a hundred scholarships and merit awards have been awarded this year.

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