Science Says Walking Just More Than 3 Hours A Week Helps Fight Depression –

Science Says Walking Just More Than 3 Hours A Week Helps Fight Depression -

After spending two years indoors, slowly the whole world is returning to normal. But the pandemic has affected the psyche of a large section of the population and now is the time to start recovery. And of course, a walk is enough.

The most recent figures don’t show anything good

Global Estimates Reported in the Lancet and presented during world mental health day Here are some startling statistics from last October: 2020 deeply marked the world’s population, has recorded a 28% increase of cases depression And 26% for anxiety disorders, In numerical terms, let’s talk 246 million cases (3,153 per 100,000), 53 million over the period pre-pandemic,

It goes without saying that each pathology has a different order. Each case is unique and each person needs one. Treatment informal, But there may be some small precautions, which are implanted in routine or everyday life A person who is in such a psychological state can help him recover by requesting Minimum effort.

US AJPM Study Results

in an attempt to reinstall a remain so And to support those who have been most affected for the past two years, experts in the field have relied on results of scientific analysis, And the answer was found in a study conducted by Dr. Hescholecturer Queensland University of TechnologyThe results of which were published in early 2015American Journal of Preventive Medicine,

the aim of the study was 1,900 women between the ages of 50 and 55who showed symptoms of depression, at different stages of the disease. for good 10 yearsAt regular intervals of three years, these women filled the deities questionnaire in which he was asked to provide an overview of his psychological state (degrees of anxiety and depression, compared with the previous questionnaire) and to add the number minutes dedicated to running And light physical activity in that specific week.

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The results revealed the existence of a real therapeutic world After a simple walk. And indeed, the women who claimed to walk for at least 200 minutes During the week, he had registered drop considerable level of depression, anxiety and stress And also improvement in socialization and emotional sphere. By crossing this limit, some subjects had even reached a complete disappearance of symptoms resulting from depression.

And while walking can have healing effects, a simple walk outside certainly has the power to help. Redressal, All it takes is a little willpower, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a pair of Clothes Suitable for moderate physical activity, as they may explore different options nkd flyer,

Also impressed by the surprising results of Dr. Hesh’s analysis two european universities (Edinburgh and Stirling) have arrived at the same research topic. The Scots also found that people who dedicate themselves to to walk everyday Register A Shortage About depressive symptoms 16%. In addition, people who do light physical activity experience a lean Startup physical symptoms to agesuch as osteoarthritis.

Better if surrounded by greenery

Again the results are due to the American mind of comparative analysis in group physical activity outside and in nature, compared to those playing sports indoors. There Sarah WarbeProfessor of the University of Michiganhe led Analysisstating that “Group Walks in Nature make a significant contribution to public health and help people cope with stress and improve their emotional experience.

The study concludes that outdoor walkbetter if in a group, they can be approved by doctors E as therapeutic methods prescribed to patients Through “Green Tips” to Improve psychological health and emotional.

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Feet on your shoulder!

Regardless of health status, the rule is that “prevention is better than cure“Can also apply in this case. Now that the world stands slowly gaining his freedomDedicate a few hours a week to outdoor physical activity a good habit In each of us, to enjoy the positive effects on both a mental and physical level.


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