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Scotland, Europe and the



Scotland is the northern part of Britain. The 1707 Act of Union established that a single state, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, was created with full equal rights. The Blair government, after the ’97 referendum, accepted the establishment of a regional parliament.

Edinburgh, as well as a series of measures relating to tax policies. In ’99, according to the principle of devolution, Scotland, which was also part of the United Kingdom, had its own parliament and an autonomous government for the first time since 1707. The head of the executive is a belligerent

Nicola Sturgeon, who has been called “the most dangerous woman in the UK” by conservatives in power in London.

The Scottish Prime Minister has a clear goal: the independence of Scotland, which, if achieved, would mean the dissolution of the UK. head of view

The government is that of an independent Scotland that could rejoin the EU, given that 62% of its fellow citizens voted against Brexit. Mrs Sturgeon would like to schedule a popular consultation for 19 October. He knows it is utopian because the London Supreme Court has refused to recognize the validity of a constitutional referendum. A matter reserved for the Westminster Parliament that will never give the green signal. johnson is

recently resigned as head of the Conservatives, who would like to replace him early next September. Elections to renew the parliament are expected at the end of 2024.

The election campaign is expected to intensify. Conservative leadership may lose a

Thanks in favor of Labour for the Scottish support. A real plebiscite will take place in the homeland of democracy. that a poor economic condition may be in jeopardy. and it would be the indifference of the elite regimes that regard the independent as outdated

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popular sovereignty.


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