Scotland | Former independence leader Salmond forms his political party

  Scotland |  Former independence leader Salmond forms his political party

(Edinburgh) Former Scotland leader Alex Salmond on Friday launched a new political party in competition with his former party in the wake of local elections in May, the result of a catastrophic conflict within the independence camp.

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The former Prime Minister of Scotland, in a speech, announced the creation of the Alba Party with the vision of creating “a supremacy in the Scottish Parliament for independence”.

Alex Salmond was a strong man of Scotland for a long time, leading the SNP separatists for 20 years, of which he formed the largest local party. In 2014, he threw in the towel after a “no” victory in the independence referendum.

But she is now in an open conflict with Nicola Sturgeon, who succeeds her, later dealing with sexual harassment allegations against several women, from whom she was dropped from justice in 2019.

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Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Alex Salmond implicated his former efficiency, which was in his eyes, a conspiracy to remove him from public life.

A few weeks before the elections on 6 May, the spectacle of these opposing parties came at the right time for anti-independence activists.

Scottish leaders hope to win such a majority in the local parliament that it will make Boris Johnson’s British government relentless to deny Scotland a new self-determination consultation.

If Nicola Sturgeon succeeds in defending her post, the matter has left its mark on public opinion, with her recent Independence Party, SNP and support for liberty appearing weak in recent elections.

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In 2014, Scots voted 55% to remain in the UK. But Brexit, against which 62% of the British province voted in 2016, gave wings to the desire for independence.


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