Scotland interested in six-nation tournament – CONTRE-PIED

Scotland interested in six-nation tournament - CONTRE-PIED
Finn Russell, the world’s most eccentric opener.

On the eve of the second round of the Six Nations tournament, disappointed fans of pagan pilgrims in the channel can thank Scotland. Really, what could be more sinister than a tournament when its crowd and beer dries up? Therefore, without conviction, it would be necessary to enter despite having everything in a competition where the widely favored French team of this edition resigned themselves to complete their course in a closed and strict business environment Given. Scotland, defeating England at Twickenham, revived the small flame of uncertainty, injecting joy and unexpected.

Scotland, a major nation in the 1920–30s, despite having a very small number of licensees (more so than in Italy) from a very rich rugby heritage today, is a team that always delves, even That even in its less auspicious moments, as it regularly falls into the category of its unethical events, in which we cannot explain the belief in their chance of being disturbed without warning the prophets. The Thistle team is spicy in the sense that it has no choice but to create a generation after generation to take risks, drop or doubles and when in the collective stage to return any team. Scotland will never dominate the world’s rugby, but it has given the connoisseur a zest for his enthusiasm and surprise inventions. The list is long with players who have always embodied this feeling of ball players in all levels with privileged positions: back, scrum and opening half, third line and hooker, the backbone of a team whose performance is largely their Depends on performance.

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Small reminders in photos:

http: // video tournament 1990:

Scotland has maintained the spirit of the game as it is often lost and has never really questioned its culture, the main feature of which is that, precisely because of this, its players know that rugby is only a There is no entertaining break, even though he has become a professional. Which sometimes leads to inconsistencies to exploit them with talented players, or with an average collective. Constitutionally, Scotland receives a deserved sympathy from its opponents (other than the English, perhaps), as the subsequent match after the defeat was never affected. And, let’s face it, neither are winning. Scotland is therefore dangerous in that it negotiates in each version, even though it seems inferior. While we can say this year that France have enough means to beat Ireland, Wales and even England, the match against Scotland promises to be extremely exciting and protects us from it.

Like France with Antoine DuPont and Gregory Aldrit (whose father is Scottish), it presents Finn Russell and Stuart Hogg with exceptional players in world rugby. In addition, the two meetings that are announced between Scotland and Wales, Ireland and France are already conclusive. Both teams play three matches at home and Scotland will win the title in Paris, preventing a foul play by both teams. This ability of the tournament (aptly named) is its strength and its balance to recreate its own interest from year to year. It would be a shame to reverse everything. While large-scale projects for other non-European nations remain in the headlines for commercial reasons, which remains to be proved, they will recognize that European rugby has been able to stimulate itself through cultural issues known to the public Allows those who appreciate them, at their fair value, to destroy the aspect. Football. The question of Italy, which has not won a match since 2015 (against Scotland, etc.) would probably be less relevant if we strengthened the publicity of tournament B and the possibility for Georgia, as for Japan, to play test matches. For more regularly. In addition, Italy will be eliminated from the tournament, immersing Transpaulin Rugby in the depressive siphon, while its participation in the championship will allow it to renew its players and at least maintain its level. If we had removed Scotland from the days of lean cows, the same would have happened in this nation, which is completely football crazy. It should not be forgotten that rugby will have to lose a lot by sacrificing their “smaller” teams, whatever their consequences in sinusoidal curves, continue to attract a captive audience that is not on a single day’s score but on the same day Are hanging. There is progress to come. For example, many rugby fans would honestly prefer Italy to perform better. The advantage of rugby over football is that it is always more interested in bringing its pendulum movement from one hemisphere to another (including economic reasons) to modernize it at the risk of losing everything. Rugby (especially tournaments) is still a game full of memory, of memory (Scotland had not won at Twickenham since 1983), of regular meetings between timeless countries, not casinos.

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