Scotland, Intra / Scotland, Inter – Sabrina Juliette Garzon, Pierre Fournier, Arnaud Fieson

Scotland, Intra / Scotland, Inter - Sabrina Juliette Garzon, Pierre Fournier, Arnaud Fieson


sabrina july garzon

History as a key to understanding the roots of culture of difference.

Scottish culture of difference within Great Britain

Jean Burton

The Ancestors of the Scots in Roman Times: Origins of a Difference?

Michelle moline

Identity and cultural differences within the Anglo-Scottish Court of King James VI and I: an advantage in the plan of British Jacobian union and unity?

sabrina july garzon

A “Scotch Canada” in Great Britain? British North American colonies in the English and Scottish press at the end of the eighteenth century (c.1783-1815)

Alice lemur-fleury

David Hume’s “Petition of the Ringers” (1751), or How to Hear Your Difference

Gilles Röbel

Perception of the inhabitants of the Highlands Visit Scotland’s Western Isles De Samuel Johnson (1775)

Christian aur

Expressing Scottish identity: the political significance of emotionally charged representations of national difference

Arnaud phaison

Ideological differences and strategic debate within the Scottish independence movement

Nathalie duclos

A Scottish difference through music and art?

The cultural and artistic boundary between Scotland and England or a claim of the uniqueness of Scottish identity in the works of contemporary artists

Marion ambleard

Visible difference? photography collective document scotland

Karin chambefort-kayu

Scottish music: a unique historical tradition

blaze douglas

Difference between translation and linguistic interpretations.

Representation of Scotland in the Preface to Early German Scot Translations

Susan Hagemann

Scottish linguistic specialties represented in the Trainspotting trilogy: from nation to self

mathilde pinson

Scottish Gaelic Borrowings in English

Pierre Fournier

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difference in literature.

Naomi Mitchison’s Solution Three or the need for biological and cultural differences

jessica aliga-loverijsen

Mercurial Reinvention: Kenneth White’s Travels in the Drifting Dawn

Monica cocoa

The Scottish Other in Shakespeare’s Play

Celine savetier-lahondes

Hugh McDiarmid and the Scottish Isles

beatrice deuchatou

Fighting the ‘One Land, One Nation, One Language’ policy in Irish and Scottish drama: the differences in the

Danielle Burton

difference and be different. In search of a sense of perceived belonging through the eyes of Leila Aboulela

Aneela korzeniowska



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