Scotland is easing foreclosure measures, meaning a maximum of four adults can be found

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Separate lockdown restrictions across the UK

England: Two people can meet outside in public.

Next stop: March 29, when six people can meet outside.

Scotland: Four people can meet outside, including gardens.

Next stage: March 26, when community worship will resume for a maximum of 50 people.

Wales: Four people can meet outside, including gardens (from Saturday).

Next stage: March 15, when the hairdressers will reopen.

Northern Ireland: 10 people from two houses can meet outside.

Next step: March 16, when the sanctions will be reviewed.

Scotland’s lockout was made even easier today as four adults from two families were allowed to meet outside.

After Nicola Sturgeon announced a “cautious acceleration” for its roadmap this week, gatherings can take place at any outdoor location, including private gardens.

Children between the ages of 12 and 17 will also be able to meet in groups of four, but not all are required to come from just two homes.

But the Scots would have to bring a coat to enjoy their newfound freedom – as expected rain throughout the day.

Announcing the easing on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said: ‘We realize that meetings – even outside – even in Scotland – can be of tremendous benefit to our well-being. “

Outdoor non-contact sports and group exercise of 15 people can also resume today.

Travel rules have also been extended so that children can move away from their local area to play sports.

Ms Sturgeon’s fast-track roadmap propelled Scotland on the path of loosening the lockdown of its counterparts south of the border.

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Unlike Boris Johnson, he is also ready to fix his plan if the data allows it to reopen.

The British will have to wait until March 29, when six people can meet outside.

After Nicola Sturgeon announced the “cautious acceleration” of its roadmap this week, gatherings can take place at any outdoor location, including private gardens.

On the first anniversary of the declaration of the Kovid-19 epidemic by the World Health Organization, Ms. Sturgeon said that there was reason to be optimistic.

She said yesterday: “The last 12 months have been incredibly difficult – incredibly difficult for all.

“But as I indicated on Tuesday, we now have real grounds for optimism, even if it is cautious.

He said, “As many cases, hospitals and deaths have occurred in recent weeks, when we release the latest R-number estimate later, we expect it to remain below one.”

“And, of course, the vaccination program has given the first dose to 40 percent of the entire adult population and is expected to pick up in the next few weeks. ”

The drink went through the hatch at Kaif Nero in Sterling earlier this week

She told MSP that the Scottish Government would “go ahead as planned, with the next step of reopening schools on Monday”.

He said: “In addition, I will implement a change in the rules tomorrow on meetings and external activities to be held on Tuesday and as I indicated next Tuesday, I will be more informed about our plans to gradually reopen the economy. Will provide information ‘

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He said that it would keep positive news in mind, but would also recognize the risks from the new variants.

Tuesday will also see changes announced for the coronavirus ban system, which is expected to take effect from late April.

The Prime Minister said that the vaccination program was expected to accelerate significantly in the coming weeks.

On Thursday morning, she said 1,825,800 people had received their first dose of the coronovirus vaccine, 16,642 since yesterday, and 141,433 had received their second dose.


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