Scotland: Referendum is now “a matter of time”

Le moment d'un référendum approche pour l'Écosse
put through to Alzia Colombia | Posted on 05/11/2021 at 1:54 PM | Updated 05/12/2021 at 2:19 pm

One of the much-awaited results of the elections on 6 May has been unveiled in Scotland. A real question with him, which soon could not be one: not in favor of a Scottish referendum or a divorce with the United Kingdom.

At the end of the election, Scottish National Party (SNP) completely misses an absolute majority and wins “only” 64 seats in Holyrood’s parliament, against 65 required. The majority would have enabled him to hold a referendum in favor of Scottish independence without a doubt. But he was also in favor of a secession, without counting the support of environmentalists, who held 8 seats, thus forming a pro-independence majority.

SNP’s first step towards victory referendum

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon welcomed such success before warning Boris Johnson. The British Prime Minister has repeatedly opposed the holding of the referendum, claiming that it should only happen “once in a generation”. “There is simply no democratic justification for Boris Johnson, or for anyone, to block the Scottish people ‘right to choose their future,” she said. Spokespersons of the Scottish Prime Minister have also stated that “the referendum is now only a matter of time, rather than a real question”.

The rest of the state calls for unity

Downing Street Do not give up and try to convince a certain Scotland. With the support of the Welsh Prime Minister, Mark Drakeford, Boris Johnson announced that His Majesty’s state should show “a sense of unity and cooperation in rebuilding the economy after the health crisis”. The controversy surrounding the Anglo-Scottish divorce is of historical magnitude as it would end a sealed union between the two nations that is approximately 314 years old.

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