Scotland rejects Trump’s possible visit

La Scozia rifiuta la possibile visita di Trump

DrThe Scottish Government has a potential escape for the outgoing US President Donald Trump card He lowers his golf course in Scotland. He was responding to media reports that Trump was considering traveling to Scotland on 19 January so that he would not have to attend the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden on 20 January.

The head of government said that in light of coronavirus restrictions, it is illegal to enter Scotland without a necessary reason Nikola Sturgeon Tuesday. “Coming here to play golf I don’t say a necessary reason,” he said. “At the moment we do not allow anyone to come to Scotland without any reason – it applies to them as well as everyone.”

Trump is strongly opposed to winning the election Biden. And Scottish media had reported that it was announced that a US Army Boeing 757 arrived at Glasgow Prestwick Airport on the 19th of this month and that Trump had used such a car in the past as well.

Sturgeon confirmed that he is unaware of Trump’s travel plans: “I hope and hope – as everyone expects, but I don’t expect – that his current travel plan will include a departure from the White House.”


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