Scotland reopens pub, but only out

Scotland reopens pub, but only out

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24.06.20 – 14:450

Local government has ordered more prudential measures than at the national level

LONDON – Scotland is only partially in line with the next step towards formalizing tomorrow the lockdown for England by the British Tory government of Boris Johnson on the Coronovirus emergency front starting on 4 July.

It was announced earlier today by local minister Nicola Sturgeon, indicating a more cautious route to the Scottish region based on powers of deviation.

The route, illustrated in the Parliamentary Assembly in Edinburgh, includes the reopening of pubs and restaurants from 6 July, which have outdoor spaces, to green lights for non-essential shops (already implemented from June in England) until 13 July. Possibility to adjourn and meet at home between 15 and two different families.

The SNP’s independent leader, Sturgeon, admitted that it was “a slower route than in England, but given the fair local conditions”. He then confirmed that Scotland – such as Wales and Northern Ireland – maintains a normalized sign of a distance of 2 meters.

Instead of yesterday, Johnson had announced for England the reopening of “Kovid-safe” hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, cinemas and hairdressers from 4 July: that is, the minimum mutual distance reduced by at least one meter And capable of guaranteeing precautions where necessary, sanitation required while maintaining recommended 2 meters. It authorized theaters and concert halls to resume operations after a lockdown of more than three months from the same date, but without live performances. By closing nightclubs, discos, gyms and beauty centers “for now”.


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