Scotland, the concept of a carriage for women only. “Many people are afraid to travel on public transport”

 Scotland, the concept of a carriage for women only.

In Scotland, the idea of ​​starting a car only for women is being considered. Transportation Minister Jenny Gilruth said on Wednesday that a “problem” exists because many women are too afraid to travel on public transport. ,because of the behavior of men,,

Ann Molds, administrator of the charity Against Stalking, said she would participate in the review and strongly encourage Minister Gilruth to introduce women-only carriages. The project, in the past, was initiated by Jeremy Corbyn and proved controversial, with many arguing about a new form of “segregation” that would worsen the problem and be “disrespectful” to women. .

Women’s rail or subway carriages are used in other countries including India, Japan and Dubai. ,If women leave in a train or mixed train unsafe, intimidated or threatened, they should have the option of boarding a women’s vehicle only.,, Ms. Stampi said. ,We have to deal with reality, not ideology. There are hunters and opportunists who are part of our society. In an ideal society it would be good not to have them. It is unfair to women to be forced to share a car when threatened or intimidated,,

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