Scotland Towards Independence by Patrick Piro

L’Écosse vers l’indépendance

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May 6, 2021 may one day be counted as a major milestone in modern European history. As of this writing, the people of Scotland were voting and should hand back parliament and government keys to the Scottish National Party (SNP). For the fourth time since 2007. The novelty is that the party has never been in such a favorable position to realize its political dream: independence. In 2014, in full increment, the SNP received London approval for a referendum. “No” was then won by 55.3% of the vote. But seven years later, the popular aspiration for independence has increased, with the majority in elections for months, even though it has fallen short of the May 6 over-dominance view of the question. Stakes for SNP: Gaining an absolute majority in Parliament. Until Nicole Sturgeon, Scottish Prime Minister and SNP leader, says democracy has not been denied since late 2014, London cannot deny a new self-adjudication referendum.

And Boris Johnson, The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has every reason to fear this talented and intelligent politician. Because the independence project has clearly increased with the population after the 2014 failure. For a decade, the Scottish Parliament and government have attempted to mark their difference to conservatives in power in London. “Policy, label claimed by SNP. Management of the Kovid-19 crisis puts a much more vigilant sturgeon ahead than Swagger Johnson at the onset of the epidemic. Scotland, which reported 40% fewer cases than the entire United Kingdom And regretted not having control of cross-border traffic, in less than 10 days of Kovid-19.

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But this is Brexit Especially those who drew sharp cuts. In 2016, Scots voted 62% ” No “ When the European Union is visiting. As the nation becomes independent, Sturgeon gives her the desire to rally herself. Her personality can be heavily in balance by the impression given to the very social, feminist, SNP program associated with international relations. He is the co-founder, with him from the New Zealand and Icelandic Agos, the Government Partnership for the Economy of Well-Being (Vego), which prioritizes social and ecological issues over the domination of the economy. For those who accuse the SNP before a diversion, with their own independence carrots, Sturgeon has already stated that any project for a new referendum will wait until the end of the epidemic, and in any case In not earlier than 2023.


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