Scotland wants to make car fuel using whiskey as an ingredient

benzina whisky

I with gas prices Reaching unfathomable levels, some companies are focusing on the development of sources say from alternative fuel, Porsche recently invested 75 million dollars In a startup that captures carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into fuel.

you are not only experiencingCarbon dioxide, three Scottish companies, ardnamurchan distillery, Woodlands Renewables And Celtic AkshayWorking to refuel cars with an unlikely source: the whiskey,

according to this beverage businessinvestor Donald Houston from Ardnamurachan Estates holds a substantial stake in each of the three businesses and hasCatalyst“For this project.

,Celtic Renewables requires a whiskey distillation byproduct called pot ale to aid in its testing process before it can begin full production of its biochemicals and biofuels.“, he declared houstonaccording to this beverage business,

,Pot ale is piped from the distillery up the hill to nearby Woodland Renewables, a local company created to reuse the distillery’s by-products that add value to the local economy. In the Woodland Renewable Facility it is combined with water fish (another distillery byproduct) and made into nutritious animal feed used on the peninsula to feed local livestock. Woodland Renewables will move part of its pot ale inventory to Celtic Renewables,

Celtic Renewables, Scotland’s first biorefinery, has already secured an investment of £43 million ($56 million) and is expected to Will be able to produce 1 million liters of sustainable biochemistry per year, Five large-scale refineries are planned around the world over the next five years.

a job that started 10 years ago

The tests using whiskey residue carried out by Celtic Renewables are a continuation of work undertaken in the laboratory Napier University in Edinburgh in 2008that led to the formation of the company 2012According to the chairman and founder of Celtic Renewable Martin Tangany,

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According to Houston, the sustainable practices of Ardnamurachan Distillery Made him the perfect partner for this project.

“We designed the Ardnamurachan Distillery to be as sustainable as possible and we continue to monitor and develop it as new technologies become available.CEO of Ardnamurachan Distillery said Alex Bruce. “Our energy all comes from local renewable sources (hydroelectric and biomass) and our by-products, which are traditionally produced at all distilleries, are supplied to our neighbours, Woodland Renewables”


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