Scotland working on a ban on waste incineration

Scotland has banned incinerators. On 17 November, the Scottish Minister of Circular Economy, Lorna Slater, Parliament states that A major review to be launched on the use of incineration as a waste management method, whose work will be entrusted to Dr. Colin Church, Chief Executive of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and Chairman of the Circular Economy Task Force.

the minister we remember was nominated in a historic cooperation agreement Between Nicola Sturgeon’s autonomous government and the Greens in August, she explained that to support the amendment, which is part of the agreement, Planning officers must from now on inform ministers of any decisions related to incineration plants, till the end of the verification period. Similar measures have been taken to check fracking.

As well as these innovations, Slater also announced the first £7 million out of a total of 70 “Fund to Improve Recycling”, allocated by the government to finance local authorities in increasing recycling rates of materials. “The circular economy is at the heart of Scotland’s response to the climate emergency – the minister said – and will help to significantly reduce the amount of waste our country produces. Better ways need to be found. That’s why I’m glad Dr. Colin Church brings his vast experience.”

Janek Vahk di zero west europesaid: “We welcome the announcement that Scottish Government incineration review will include a moratorium on all existing and new waste incineration applications, This is an essential step in reversing the current incineration rush and moving towards more sustainable management of residual waste in line with the climate and circular economy agenda. Despite this moratorium, ZWE is calling for a permanent ban on waste incineration”.

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