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  Scotland's future

In a guest article in the daily newspaper “Die Welt”, Nicola Sturgeon said, “The Scottish Government believes that the best future for our country as an independent nation lies within the European Union.” In it, she describes Brexit as “irresponsible”, “foolish” and “harmful to the economy”.

She accuses the government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of “negligence” in her approach to seceding from the European Union. As London is determined to “turn back to consensus and solidarity”, Scotland is required to “proceed alternatively,” the head of government said. The core values ​​of the European Union such as respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law are all “values ​​we stand with full confidence in”.

A new survey …

… shows that Scots support for independence from Britain has risen to a record height. Ipsos was 58 percent in favor surveyed by the Mori Institute.

In the 2016 Brexit referendum, the majority of UK citizens voted in favor of leaving the European Union. The Scots voted 62 percent against it.

An Independent Scotland Is your company? British Prime Minister Johnson says: No!

In early September, the Scottish Government announced that it wanted to launch a new independence referendum. In the next general election in May 2021, he would campaign for Scotland to become an independent country, Sturgeon insisted.

It needs the approval of London for such a referendum. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly clarified that he will not allow a second referendum. For her, the question was clarified in the first referendum in 2014. At the time, around 55 percent of Scots spoke against secession from the United Kingdom. However, Sturgeon argued that circumstances had changed with Britain’s exit from the European Union.

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