Scots call for elections, a new test for separatists

Scots call for elections, a new test for separatists

Scotland prepares to elect its national parliament on Thursday as the ruling party seeks a clear majority for Britain’s new independence referendum.

Current Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has promised a vote on whether Edinburgh has free rein on the issue by the end of 2023, or once the pandemic is under control. For its part, London still categorically refuses the second consultation of Scots,

“I think most Scots and Brits feel that now is not the time, as we emerged from a pandemic, to hold a reckless and, in my opinion, irresponsible second plebiscite”British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

55% of Scots said ‘no’ to independence in 2014. According to a poll this week, 49% of them would still vote ‘no’ in the referendum, 7 points more than supporters of independence if it takes place today.

He says Brexit has radically changed the situation, with the fishing and agriculture sectors hitting hard.

“My heart says yes that would be great, but my head is thinking about the economics of running such a small country, when I love the idea of ​​working together. Brexit has been terrible for me. I hate leaving the EU. is “Judge a voter.

Elections are also being held on Thursday to elect the Welsh Assembly, the Mayor of London and local communities in England. The first electoral trial for Boris Johnson and the Tories less than two years after the 2019 general election.

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