Scots won for the first time since 1983 in England

Scots won for the first time since 1983 in England

This victory can be described as historical. Because it was the 150th anniversary of the first rugby match between England and Scotland. But above all, as 38 years later ended without a win in England, at Twickenham on Saturday, 6 February, at the opening of the Six Nations tournament by his success (11-6). Scotland’s first win on English soil since 1983, a tough match in which they were able to implement their game plan to the end.

As a passion, we have been far from the crazy comeback of 2019, where an improbable draw 38–38 was born, for XV de la Rose in halftime 31–0. However, after less than two years, the Scots have done even better in terms of results.

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With the winners of the 2020 edition of the tournament, Scotland confirmed last year’s beautiful promises when they lost their first two matches in Ireland and before winning the next three matches against England, notably France’s only defeat (28- 17) has won).

More than victory, it was the sense of control given by Greg Townsend’s men, facing the English rarely so quickly and meltingly, which impressed.

The pack of XVs at Chardon were placed under the extinguished English forward and the game at the foot of Finn Russell and Stuart Hogg allowed a wise possession on the ground, which weighed the English down.

English indiscipline

England coach Eddie Jones, who still lacked the five elements of choice, discouraged his attacking game, never managing to break through the dark blue defensive curtain.

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He was also of a rare indiscipline: 10 penalties were against him only in the first period, as usually in an entire match.

The game’s only effort came from a good movement from the Scots until duhan van der Merwe, a powerful winger of South African descent who managed to transplant towards the center and three opponents before making a landfall in the in-goal (0-8). Opposed, 31st minute).

A few minutes earlier, the same van der Merwe was a few centimeters away from fixing a subtle pass rebound to Russell’s (28th) leg, which should have already given it a try.

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The only real scare for the Scots was the yellow card that left the first (38th) against the same Russell at the end, tripping over an opponent for ten minutes.

A numerical advantage that the English would not have exploited, nor have they been able to tell the difference in the last ten minutes when the KO was on the air on either side.

England would have to rebound very quickly by the French receiving the right Italians at home (50-10) at the opening of the tournament. Scotland will receive Wales before heading to Paris to challenge the Blues for an already promising match.

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