Scott loses in the Nations League

Scott loses in the Nations League

DHe missed the Scottish national football team’s second coup in four days. The following year, following the celebrated qualification for EM, the Bravehearts lost to the League of Nations in Slovakia with a 0: 1 (0: 1). If they would have won, the Scots would have been unable to get promoted to the A-League.

Jan Gregus (Day 31) scored the day goal at Trnava. A win on Wednesday in Israel would still be enough for the Scots, coached by Steve Clarke. On Thursday, Scotland made the European Championship perfect with 5: 4 in the play-off final against hosts Serbia. The proud country has not been represented at a major concert since the 1998 World Cup.

Meanwhile, the Dutch national team eventually celebrated their first win in the fifth attempt under their new bond coach Frank de Boer. The Orange defeated Bosnia-Herzegovina 3–1 (2–0) on the day of the UN remuneration match, thus maintaining the possibility of a group victory in season A1. Bosnia, in the vicinity of former Schalke Saeed Kolasinac, on the other hand, was re-charged before the last game. The better card for the “Final Four” in October 2021, however, is held by Italy, who are one point higher than the Netherlands after 2–0 (1-0) against Poland. The decision will be made in a remote duel on Wednesday, when Poland will face off in Bosnia and Italy in Orange.

The world’s number one Belgian would definitely win in Group A2. After being assured 2-0 (2-0) against England in the 50th international match under coach Roberto Martinez, the draw against Denmark on Wednesday will be enough for the Red Devils. Iceland is already eliminated after 1: 2 (0: 1) with the Danes.

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