Scottish Highland Cattle: “Zotel” at the Fronguttal Biological Farm in Rouris

Scottish Highland Cattle:

“Keeping Scotland’s Highland cattle is perfectly in harmony with nature,” said Roris to Theresia and Bernhard Pirchner.

Ruris They are strong, stout and healthy: Scottish Highland Cattle. For more than 25 years the Rouris have lived on ten and 15 animals with Theresia and Bernhard Peartcher on their small organic farm in Bucheben.

Have you ever seen Scottish Highland cattle in Pinkzhou?

“Back then we were looking for a sensible alternative to traditional agriculture. Organic farming, natural production and low labor input were important to us,” he recalls. “We also wanted similar, natural animals – and so ‘Zotel’ went with us.”

“We rely on naturalism”

Highland cattle live a beautiful life on the “frangital”: they spend summer on alpine pasture, winter on the farm. They are out all year round, they are allowed to grow slowly and get only natural food. Also, the Pirchanar family is dependent on the husband of the sucking cow, the calves grow up in the herd.

When it comes to reproduction, the Pirchanar family is naturally dependent on nature. "We do not want to artificially change animals"it is said.

Successful breeding

“We are primarily a breeding company,” Theresia Pirchaner explains. “Here, too, we rely on naturalism. We don’t want to artificially change animals,” she insists. Breeding is successful: “We came home from some cattle shows as winners.” It is also good advertising for the company, said Farmer, who is also the president of the Salzburg Highland Cattle Breeders and a member of the Austrian Highland Cattle Breeders’ Association.

The Pirchanar family is dependent on the husband of the sucking cow, the calves grow up in the herd.

Ethnicity, Husband and Quality Feed

When young bulls are quite young on the “frangital”, they are killed. Theresia Pirchaner explains, “When we are three years old, we finish our steppers as soon as possible.” “Meat from highland beef has a special flavor.”

The so-called “highland beef” has a more intense flavor and has very good meat fiber because the animals grow so slowly. The company has also been a part of “AMA GenSubrian” for almost a year; The associated seal of approval guarantees regional origin and high quality of meat.

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Bernhard and Theresia Pirchner from Froguttal in Rouris want their Scottish Highland cattle "Never remember a day".
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