Scottish postman turns 19th century sailor’s song into an international hit

Nathan Evans, un facteur écossais, est devenu l

The whistle rang on New Zealand whalers two centuries ago, The vallerman Now successfully rears in the turbulent waters of the chart.

Nothing is too old to make new. After giving each other youngsters for Fleetwood Mac and their hits The rumors 1973, TikTok users just dusted off the song of the 19th century sailor. The vallerman At the top of the music charts today, the international top anchors Spotify at number four and 37I UK chart, report Huffington Post . “Sea Shack”, a song by a sailor in the language of Jack Sparrow, waits for the daily life of a New Zealand whaler to be refueled by another ship, Wellman.

This unexpected success fueled the song that the group, the longest group specializing in a cappella, recorded in a certain secrecy in 2018. Since then, Shantitok, who has been on hundreds of networks as a challenger, replaced this honest recovery. In a global event.

In September 2020, a resume Leave her johnny, An old sea wolf catchphrase from 1917 started trending on the Chinese social network. Many users racked their brains to find other (almost) forgotten songs. Until December 2020, when one of them released its version The vallerman. Nathan Evans, a 26-year-old Scottish postman, has thus become the location of a video, a real star of Tiktok.

With 10 million views generated by his solo cover, he decided to step down to devote himself to music. A month after the coup, he has more than 700,000 followers on his account. “To tell me that a singer has become my job is a dream come true. Everyone recognizes me in the street now“, He explained on France 2, announced the passing of his signature for three albums with a record company.

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