Scottish Prime Minister saves his post for elections

Scottish Prime Minister saves his post for elections
Scottish Prime Minister saves his post for elections

Attacked to handle a case of sexual harassment allegations against his predecessor, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday succeeded in defending his post and setting the course for local elections, which he said was the direction of a new freedom struggle. I hope to make a move.

In the wake of the balance of power, the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday rejected a no-confidence motion presented by the widely conservative opposition, which has repeatedly demanded his resignation. The motion garnered only 31 votes against 65.

Scottish Prime Minister saves his post for elections

“If you think you can push me to resign, you are mistaken,” Sturgeon spoke to Scottish MPs, specifically targeting the Tories.

“If you want to remove me from your post as Prime Minister, do it in an election,” he rejected the motion before challenging him to the Scottish Parliament in the Holy Parliament.

Independence leader SNP finally pleaded for justice a year ago over a case of sexual harassment allegations against Alex Salmond, a former strongman of the Independence Party SNP.

Scottish Prime Minister saves his post for elections

In early 2019, the Scottish Government admitted that an internal investigation into complaints against Mr Salmond led to a misunderstanding and then agreed to pay him more than 500,000 pounds (579,000 euros) to cover legal costs.

To shed light on the episode, a parliamentary committee concluded in its report published on Tuesday morning that Nicola Sturgeon “betrayed” Parliament, as there was a contradiction in her account about a meeting at the beginning of the case.

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According to this commission, Ms. Sturgeon, by contrast, gave Alex Salmond the impression that she would interfere in the matter during this April 2, 2018 meeting.

“Her written testimony is therefore an erroneous account of what happened,” she said in a conclusion rejected by four SNP deputies from the leader’s party.

– “Potential Violation” –

This is a “potential violation” of the Commission’s code of conduct, the Commission says, referring to the conclusion of an independent investigation led by former prosecutor James Hamilton in the case.

Scottish Prime Minister saves his post for elections

But the latter gave Nicola Sturgeon a major victory for the leader on Monday for any violation of the code of conduct in his report.

On Tuesday morning, she said she wanted to “leave politics to others” so that the first British lockdown anniversary against Coronovirus could be noticed.

This confusing affair beheaded her in protest with her former mentor Alex Salmond, who conspired to remove her from public life in his eyes.

A few weeks before the elections on 6 May, the spectacle of these opposing parties came at the right time for anti-independence activists.

Scottish leaders hope to gain such a majority in the local parliament that it will uphold the position of Boris Johnson’s government to prevent Scotland from rejecting a new consultation.

Scottish Prime Minister saves his post for elections

If Nicola Sturgeon succeeds in defending her post, the matter has left its mark on public opinion, with her recent Independence Party, SNP and support for liberty appearing weak in recent elections.

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In 2014, Scots voted 55% to remain in the UK. But Brexit, against which the British province voted 62% in 2016, gave wings to the desire for independence.


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