Scottish Prime Minister’s appeal: Brexit has ruined us, we want freedom

Snp trionfa in Scozia: pronto a sfida referendum indipendenza

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon returns to office and calls for a referendum on independence from the UK, with a video from her party, the Scottish National Party, listing the direct effects of Brexit on the Scottish economy. The alternative, Sturgeon said, has never been clear: a Tory government on the one hand that damages the economy, an independent country with full powers on the other.

“Our previously competitive global food and beverage sector has been disrupted – says the Scottish premier –. Our wonderful universities have suffered. Manufacturing costs are rising and the impact on daily life is becoming apparent. There is also a lack of, yes, in one of the richest countries in the world. This was done by the Conservative government in London and it could be worse. The Parliament of London will use this loss to argue that its There should be increased scrutiny. The poorer they make us, the more they will say we cannot afford to be independent. By closing trade with the EU they will say they are dependent on the rest of the UK. There is evidence that freedom works. It works for Denmark, for Ireland, for Austria, for Norway, for Finland, they are different countries with different resources and economies, but freedom works for everyone. Ours With all the resources and talent, it will also work for Scotland. Turjan concluded.

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