Scottish Soda Irn-Bru . For all Cop26 junkies

 Scottish Soda Irn-Bru .  For all Cop26 junkies

For days engaged in an increasingly divisive discussion on how to stop climate change, global leaders, diplomats and activists who have arrived in Glasgow have found a compromise on one thing: the growing interest in soda, a phosphorescent orange, the much-loved Scots call our other national. The drink”, followed by whiskey. It is the Irn-Bru soda that is sold throughout the convention center that hosts the functions of Cop26 and which is receiving comments and praise from delegates around the world these days.

Among these was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York deputy who turned leftist leader posted a video on Instagram in which she tasted a can of the now famous soda given to her by the Scottish prime minister. Nicola Sturgeon. “It tastes like Cola Champagne, a Latin soda,” says the Puerto Rican MP, who then adds: “Oh my god, I love it.” Even the Scottish premier, grudging against Brexit, took to social networks to celebrate Irn-Bru’s first sip by an equally passionate deputy Dame.

An advertisement that naturally depresses the drink’s producers was born in 1901 with a secret recipe that combined more than 30 different ingredients. “It is amazing that the ginger nectar of Scotland has had such an impact on representatives around the world,” a spokesperson said.

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