Scottish whiskey maker Glenfiddich launches biogas

Scottish whiskey maker Glenfiddich launches biogas

Scottish whiskey maker Glenfiddich puts sustainability on the map and start biogas production, obtained from compostable waste resulting from its production. In the future, the entire distiller’s fleet should run on biogas to reduce CO2 emissions. of society. Vehicles from parent company William Grant & Sons – which developed the process to recover biogas from distillation – will follow in a second phase.

a watchdog

already Three Iveco brand trucks – 20 . of the fleet vehicles Responsible for moving the beverage from the production site to the group’s four Scottish bottling plants – was adapted to run on ULCF (Ultra Low Carbon Fuel), a biogas produced from waste associated with distillation. All have the slogan: “Refueled at Glenfiddich, we turn whiskey waste into ultra low carbon fuel”. “in this more than 10 Years in Glenfiddich to replace all your garbage from production, to convert these residues into biogas, to supply their fleet of trucks, and finally to be the only person to have their own supply station at their production site”Welcomes Stuart Watts, one of the Directors of the company.

Therefore the Dufftown site has equipped itselfa clean supply station. “Each truck will save 250 tons of CO2, and emissions to 95 . reduce to % compared to conventional diesel engine, specifies the company. Other toxic emissions 99 . are reduced to %. Saving fossil fuels equals planting 4 000 trees per year. One truck consumes fossil fuels 112 . is equal to household.”

a code of good conduct

Each year, Glenfiddich produces approximately 14. does marketing Its million bottles of single malt whiskey makes it Scotland’s third largest producer after Diageo (Johnny Walker) and Pernod Ricard (Regal and Ballantyne). company goal 2040. for carbon neutrality. “Until now, a portion of the malt waste from production was sold to make high-protein feed for livestock., explains Stuart Watts. Makes production of biogas possible Recycle all waste produced by distillationincluding liquid waste. “

Glenfiddich’s initiative is part of a larger code of conduct adopted by the Scottish Whiskey Distillers Federation, SWA, as part of Police 26. In Glasgow in November the SWA recommends that its members aim for zero emissions by 2040, move to a circular economy Committing to responsible use of water resources by 2025, focusing on reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging and advocate for the conservation and restoration of Scottish ecology by 2035.

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