September 18, 2014, Scotland says “no” to independence from United Kingdom

September 18, 2014, Scotland says

Scotland says ‘no’. PhotoCredit: From the web.

this was it 18 September 2014 The Scots voted “no” when the referendum would have decided to secede from the United Kingdom. After today 6 years And following BrexiThe situation is likely to reverse. Will there be a new referendum?

England and Scotland: United Kingdom since 1603

The Kingdom of Scotland tried to free itself through several wars of independence Empire of england during XIII and XIV Cecolo, Finally both monarchies started from a single state 1603. After centuries, the separatists promoted the possibility of reversing Scottish history by making it autonomous. Why “Scotland has always felt like a nation“; Of course there is no shortage of economic reasons: the objective of independence was to build a richer and more just society on the Scandinavian model, with which the country felt more prosperous, including historical ones.

although 18 September 2014 The Scots responded “no” to the possibility of becoming independent Great britain. Record voting in referendum: 85%. Separatists won in glasgow and PedicleConfederates in Edinburgh. The separatists finally led the Scottish Premier salty, They had to accept defeat. Cameron, British Prime Minister, declared: “It’s time for us Britain To move forward. We will fully honor the promises made to Scotland“. Therefore, greater financial autonomy.

Results of referendum.  PhotoCredit: From the web.
Results of referendum. PhotoCredit: From the web.

Scotland Today: New Referendum After Brexit?

Over the past year, support for Scottish independence has never been greater as more than half of Scots want to leave Britain. That’s why? written below Brexi, The principles of independence did nothing but gain power. there Scotland Don’t intend to leaveThe European Union.

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Speaking in courtrooms with Scottish duties, Nikola Sturgeon The British constituent proposes a deadline for consultation on the future of the nation: 2021. It seems that the possibility that increases for the victory of freedom today is not only enmity Brexi. This independence increase was, in fact, also attributed to the success of Scotland Than under the control of coronavirusEngland. So, we await a new referendum.

September 18: Historical Program

this was it 18 September Of the year 1997Has voters Wells Vote ‘yes’ (50,3%) For a referendum on Welsh autonomy. Same day as 1973, To Federal Republic of Germany ()West germany) And this German Democratic Republic ()Germania east) Is admitted toHIM-HER-IT. Instead, I 1943Jew of Minsk Massacre a Sobibor. in 1938 a Trieste, Benito Mussolini Reads for the first time Racial law From the balcony of Municipality On the occasion of his visit to the city. For those born today, we must remember Greta Garbo Is in 1905 I Leon foucault Is in 1819.

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