Short week at work, something’s going on – economy

Short week at work, something's going on - economy
short work week

a work week which lasts up to 4 days and allows employees to keep more Spare time, It has been talked about for some time now and now someone is starting to implement it. news comes Japan – one of the countries where the pace of work is the most difficult – and, more precisely, from Panasonic, The Japanese company has decided to follow the example of Microsoft Japan who introduced a brief week (for one month only) for its employees two years ago, with excellent results productivity and workers’ performance.

short week in japan

It’s kind of an experience short week One of the countries with an almost workaholic tradition for work, with fast rhythms and records of hours The Office, A paradox, which may, in fact, reveal a situation that is sometimes dramatic, is confronted with radical solutions. decision of Panasonic – The one who gave his employees a chance work only 4 days One week out of seven – Microsoft Japan comes after the experiment, which is already two years ago He left his employees free to go to office for only 4 days for a month which yielded excellent results. data, in fact, speak of a Monthly payments with very positive numbers With regard to productivity: 40% higher despite reduction in Working Days, Panasonic CEO Kusumi Yuki went on to explain his company’s decision, saying, “We must support the well-being of our employees.”

Other countries testing short work weeks

not only JapanShort work weeks are also a reality in other – to tell some truths – in countries around the world. most evidence that United Arab Emirates, Arab nation shortens working week for civil servants five to four and a half days, the weekend is also going on. The canonical days for rest in the Arab country of Friday and Saturday have been shifted from one day (becoming Saturday and Sunday) to adapt to Western plans.
they are in europe Finland, scotland e Iceland To experience the shorter week. Governments in these countries are adopting policies for this reduction in working hoursEncouraging companies with, allocation of funds and incentives.
In New Zealand It’s the companies – as happened for Panasonic – that do these kinds of experiments. it is a matter buffer, which is testing it (for now) on a sample of employees.


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