Signatory states do not abide by the Paris Agreement

Signatory states do not abide by the Paris Agreement

According to a UN report, national plans to promote fossil fuels are in no way compatible with the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) report published on Wednesday concluded that states signing the agreement want to more than double coal, gas and oil in this decade as the threshold for global warming will be 1.5 degrees. actually allow.

“The results of the research are clear: to limit long-term warming to 1.5 degrees, production of coal, oil and gas must immediately drop sharply,” said report lead author Ploy Achkulvisut of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). “Still, governments are planning much higher on production levels than we can safely burn.”

Oil and gas production continues to grow

Countries plan for “still increasing oil and gas production and a slight decline in coal production by 2040”. The result is a mathematical surplus of 240 percent for coal production, 57 percent for oil and 71 percent for gas in 2030 – compared to production volumes that would be compatible with the Paris climate goals.

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