Six countries, Italy’s big flop: Ireland won 57-6

Six countries, Italy's big flop: Ireland won 57-6

Dublin, Ireland) – Ale’Italy Rugby in Dublin takes place in the presence of FallsIrelandin the third round of six nations, A downhill match for the hosts, in numerical superiority from the middle of the first half, which ends 57–6. Azzurri forced into a race of absolute agony. After the message aired on the big screen of Aviva Stadium in support ofUkraine4 minutes is enoughIreland To break the blue defensive line: the center ball sheehan For carberry, which crushes and converts his own goal for 7-0. Ale’Italy Unlocks the Void after a dry match against France with a free kick from a distance padovani, Crowley loses from injury Lucchesi 9 o’clock, and in his place he enters fawawhich, however, treats expulsion for interference deemed dangerous by the referee amasuchalike (shoulder to neck). So the Blues live without a hooker and two less men. inside then Nemero For Bruno and 13 out of 15 against no contest, withIreland can spread with the goals of gibson-park, Laurie and captain O’MehonieAlthough only one of these has been adapted from an impregnable carberry, The Blues go to the bottom lap for 24-6, thanks to a penalty garbisi when it ends. Thus recovery becomes only a formality. beyond the targets met by lowe’s (twice), Laurie And beardo (three of the last four adapted by Sexton), the blues don’t raise the white flag and end up selling their skin expensive, even closing in 12 for yellow. Stan and encashment in the last part of treadwell and extra colon grave Digger For the last 57-6. Now a week off, then return to the Olympics for the match to be held on March 12 Scotland, Ale’IrelandHowever, after raising his head after the defeat Francewill be the guest ofEngland,

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