Six Nations Rugby and CVC Announce a Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Six Nations Rugby and CVC Announce a Long-Term Strategic Partnership

(By Federico Navarro) – As reported by the official website “Six nations rugby“Cooperation will develop further Six nations tournament And the Autumn International Match Series for the benefit of players, fans and the rugby community.

According to established terms, CVC Fund VII Will invest an amount near 365 million pounds Per 1/7 Of shares Six nations rugbyIs cooperating Rugby federation Of France, Wales, England, Ireland, Italy and Scotland who will hold the 6/7 odds.

CVC will provide all the commercial experience earned over 20 years of investment in sports.

The partnership with Six Nations Rugby comes at a favorable time, following the recent introduction of centralized management of operational activities Men, Women, Under 20 Six Nations Tournament And Autumn International Meetings.

The objectives of the partnership are: to invest in the development and growth of sports; Increase the sports spectacle of tournaments, teams and brands; Strengthen the acquisition of data, technologies and commercial skills to support these ambitious plans. This project will ensure the continued growth of the movement for the benefit of fans and to bring new fans into the world of oval ball.

According to the agreement, the six federations will hold sole responsibility for majority control over sports matters and commercial decisions. Investment of CVC Fund VII in Six nations rugby To reflect the long-term nature of the agreement, it will be repaid to the Federation over the course of five years. The capital investment, along with the expected growth for the tournament, will serve the federations at all levels in their respective regions to support the development of the game in the coming years.

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