Slate Asset Management launches infrastructure-focused impact investment strategy and appoints Christian Schmid as General Manager and Global Head of Infrastructure

Christian Schmid, Managing Director and Global Head of Infrastructure (Photo: Business Wire)

Slate Asset Management (“Slate” or “The Company”), a global alternative platform targeting real estate assets, today announced the launch of an infrastructure-focused impact investing strategy. The appointment as general manager and global head of the infrastructure sector was also announced by Christian Schmid, who will direct the company’s new strategy focused on infrastructure resources with impacts on cities and communities, aimed at driving the global energy transition. Promote infrastructure assets and help reduce the carbon emissions associated with our cities and communities.

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Christian Schmid, Managing Director and Global Head of Infrastructure (Photo: Business Wire)

According to UN Habitat statistics, cities consume 78% of the world’s energy and produce more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions, while occupying less than 2% of the Earth’s surface. These urban communities face major problems, such as limiting the emissions they generate and meeting their carbon reduction targets; Existing technologies can provide long-term sustainable solutions, but require meaningful partnerships and collaborations between the public and the private. As part of the Corporate Strategy for Metropolis and Community Impact Infrastructure Resources, Slate will work closely with cities, businesses and technology providers to invest in long-term solutions for clean energy and sustainability in urban centers.

“Meeting the ambitious commitments of governments and communities around the world in terms of net zero emissions will require substantial investment in upgrading and modernizing urban infrastructure,” said Brady Welch, founding partner at Slate Asset Management. “With our strategy for metropolitan and community impact infrastructure properties, we have a unique opportunity to leverage Slate’s historical expertise, reach and relationships and lead the way in this transformation. We are very pleased to have Christian directing this commitment. have joined our company for”.

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Schmid has over 15 years of experience investing in public and private infrastructure, guiding the formation and realization of infrastructure transactions valued at approximately US$40 billion across Europe, North America and Australia. The experience has played a role in dozens of large transactions, both buy-side and sell-side, with a particular focus on investments in renewable energy and other essential infrastructure.

Blair Welch, founding partner of Slate, commented, “Climate change poses a significant risk to nearly every section of our society, and cities have strong incentives to address these emissions through urban planning, technologies and behavior change. Huh.” “Christian will leverage his deep experience and expertise in this field to drive corporate strategy aimed at impacting infrastructure resources in cities and communities and enable Slate to contribute to real and positive change around the world. be made.”

Christian Schmid joins Slate after previous experience at Queensland Investment Corporation (“QIC”), where he handled the successful acquisition of Centrio (formerly Enwave Energy US), a core platform for centralized power, as well as head of the utilities sector. Took the position Delivery Solutions in the USA. Prior to joining QIC, he worked for 13 years as General Manager at RBC Capital Markets, with responsibility for creating and executing infrastructure transactions in Europe and North America. Some of his more recent experiences in this area include Wheelbrator Technologies, Inc. in the United States. and consulting on the acquisition of Vicinity Energy, and the submetering business Techem GmbH and Ista International GmbH in Europe. His career began at the German company RWE, where he was involved in corporate finance. Schmid holds a BA in Economics and Business (Diplom-Kaufmann) from the Katholische Universitt Eichstadt-Ingolstadt, Germany, and a Masters in Finance from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

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“Slate’s youth culture of innovation will be a key force in promoting technologies and infrastructure solutions aimed at making our cities and communities more environmentally friendly,” said Schmid. “With this culture, Slate’s proven global presence, vertically integrated portfolio, and focus on ESG, we are well positioned to unlock exciting investment opportunities in the global energy transition as we pursue our corporate vision of the future.” Let’s move on. More durable”.

Schmid, who operated from Slate’s London office, joined the company on 21 February.

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