SNP in favor of starting process for central bank institution

SNP in favor of starting process for central bank institution

This is revealed from the national online conference of party representatives

Most of the delegates to the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference stated that they were in favor of starting preparations for the establishment of a Central Bank of Scotland, which should start working after independence from the UK. This was revealed from the national online conference held yesterday of representatives of the Scottish government party SNP. As reported by the British newspaper “Financial Times”, this is a new take on the traditional rather cautious line on the issue by the Scottish National Party.

La Leader dell’SNP, nicola sturgeonShe remains cautious and has recently declared that an independent Scotland will continue to use the British pound “as long as it is needed” to promote economic stability. However, many representatives of the Scottish Government Party, instead, called for the rapid introduction of a national currency, in the sense that Sturgeon’s “wait-and-see” line was criticized.

According to supporters of the proposal adopted by the SNP yesterday, continuing the use of the pound would slow down the entire process for independence by limiting Scotland’s freedom of economic action. “The British Pound will remain the currency of an independent Scotland until a new currency can be introduced in a safe and stable manner in the overall interest of the economy. A Scottish currency will be introduced as soon as possible after independence”, he Specified by the SNP after the approval of the resolution.

SNP leader and Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon also stressed at yesterday’s conference that the priority at this time should be the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. According to some analysts cited by the “Financial Times”, Sturgeon would have political reasons not to accelerate on the independence front: recent polls indicate that a large majority of people are in favor of staying in the United Kingdom in a possible second referendum. There will be a majority. , The fall in revenue from the sale of oil, which has been going on since 2014, will also be a reason for this trend in the elections.

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