Speech from the Throne: NS . of the government unveiled its health plan

  Speech from the Throne: NS .  of the government unveiled its health plan

According to Speech from the Throne, Tim Houston’s government will implement promises contained in its election platform in the health sector, such as the recognition of certificates from foreign-trained doctors, the creation of pension funds for full-time family doctors waiting to be Offering time and telemedicine to people.

health promises

  • Financially encourage healthcare professionals to come to or live in Nova Scotia;

  • Allow local communities to voice their opinion on recruitment;

  • Help internationally trained physicians obtain certification in Nova Scotia;

  • setting up a pension fund for full-time doctors;

  • free ambulance for emergencies;

  • Extend operating theaters opening hours.

The government indicates that the new Office of Health Professionals has already enabled two anesthesiologists and a psychiatrist to find employment in Cape Breton and two family physicians to continue working in Halifax.

With regard to mental health, the government wants to allow people who do not have mental health care coverage through their insurance to access it through a government program.

We are committed to building the most progressive mental health support system in Canada.

A quote from:excerpt from the throne

The speech from the throne also refers to the creation of new single rooms in long-term care centers, improving standards of care, and the recruitment of staff in this area.

housing almost absent

Affordable housing only covered in a paragraph of speech from the throne Official opposition leader Ian Rankin said.

We will insist on the government to ensure that there are at least 100 housing units for those living on the streets , she added.

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New Democratic Party leader Gary Burrill accused the new government of being out of touch.

The word housing appears only once, in a sentence, when it says there is a housing crisis in Nova Scotia. Hello Mr Houston! No proposal, no project, no plan He shouted in front of the reporters.

we have a plan , replied to Tim Houston in the press scandal. We are in discussion with the concerned people so that the work can be done. It’s an integrated plan so I don’t want to divulge one part of it on another, but we will present it in the next few days.

To support the economy, Tim Houston’s government will establish a system of reinstatement of a portion of the provincial tax to companies that commit to paying their employees better.

In a speech from the throne, the lieutenant governor also reiterated the Progressive Conservative government’s promise to establish fixed dates for provincial elections in Nova Scotia.

The Legislative Assembly had not sat face-to-face since the start of the pandemic. Therefore, on Tuesday, MPs were asked to present proof of vaccination.


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