Spezia: Here’s a Study of Peak’s Modernization


Spices Calcio announced that it has filed an economic and financial plan and a feasibility study to continue modernizing and refurbishing the stadium. “Alberto Pico”, with the intention of creating a modern, durable, safe and suitable facility for the needs of the city, in which the team can breathe even more of the warmth of its supporters. The multi-year project, which saw the refurbishment of the “Curve Piscina” in the first phase, inaugurated in September 2021 with a capacity of 3,176 seats, will be completed in the summer of 2024. The guidelines for the renovation project of the stadium appears to be:

– Increase in seats to reach a minimum capacity of 12,000 seats;
– Creation of new hospitality areas, construction of sky boxes and field boxes, as well as new areas for media;
– Sustainability of the entire project, with the provision of flexible and multifunctional spaces that can provide a high level of services even on non-matching days;
Digitization, Energy Sustainability, Inclusion and Fan Engagement Strategy.

Total investment of the entire project envisaged in 12.2 million euros, In addition to the use of the company’s own resources and potential financing, the contribution of public bodies will also be required to ensure the sustainability of the project and the medium and long-term economic-financial balance.

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