Spigarelli and McCourt come out in the open – Chronicle

Spigarelli and McCourt come out in the open - Chronicle

by Marta Palazzini

Francesca Spigarelli and John Francis McCourt discovered the card: they are the two candidates in the running for the leadership of Macerata University. Official applications should be submitted to Dean Luigi Lachey by the end of the month, but yesterday during the press conference for the presentation of the project “Italian in the Library”, which saw both of those characters, both teachers confirmed their availability and therefore Taking the field in view of the next election for the role of rector, is scheduled for June 29 at the Polo Pantaleoni.

“I have given my willingness to participate in the election of the new rector of the university – confirmed Prof. Spigerelli, director of the university’s China Center -. Soon there will be a way to discuss programs and ideas for the future”. “This last period was dedicated above all to listening to all the realities within the university – said Professor McCourt, Director of the Department of Humanities – the city would also be involved in the challenges of the university”. In the first two votes (one in the morning and the other in the afternoon) the rector is elected by an absolute majority of those who are entitled; In the event of no election, the next day a vote will be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes. In the event of a tie, fresh and immediate votes will be cast till the election. His names were circulating for some time as the leading representatives of the Law and Humanities Departments. Spigarelli is a full professor of applied economics, carries out teaching activities in the Department of Law and has directed the university’s China Center since 2013; It was delegated by Rector Adornato.

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McCourt is the director of the Humanities Department and an English teacher; He previously taught at Roma Tre University, where he was director of the Research Center on Irish and Scottish Literature, and at the University of Trieste, where he was co-founder and co-director of the Trieste Joyce School. 203 full professors, 83 researchers, 19 student representatives on the student council, 285 members of the librarian techno-administrative staff and linguistic expert collaborators will be called to vote.


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