Streaming theater, an option to compensate for the closure of Kovid

Streaming theater, an option to compensate for the closure of Kovid

With forced closure Theater, It makes its way Streaming: A way to make up for the lack of live entertainment

Closed theater: Kovid will not stop the entertainment world

Entertainment is also among the many sectors of the Italian economy affected by the restrictions imposed by Kovid-19, which has been heavily influenced by the impossibility of shows, music and film screenings, with consequences for all workers in entertainment.

After a period in which these activities were partially reopened, there was, in fact, a return to the point of outright banning any kind of performance to avoid the spread of contagion, for which television , Representatives from theater, cinema and music responded. Appeals and protests also fall within the sections of Italy. Unfortunately, the situation does not appear destined to change in the immediate future, with economic difficulties that will continue in the coming months.

1 million from the Lazio region to support rent from the theater, March to JuneStreaming in theater

This generalized completion of places of scenic representation has shifted the attention of habitual consumers to the world of streaming, for which theaters have relied on to attempt to partially continue their activities even with a lack of public attention.

All theater lovers can therefore make up for this prolonged absence by watching a live stage with a streaming show that first needs to have a sufficient connection: there are some offers with rechargeable internet that allow you to have one The right network connection for your needs, Always maintaining a high quality and therefore suitable for streaming.

The online platform on which theater shows have clearly multiplied in recent months: nationally, for example, RayLayer is available La Scala Theater in Milan, Perhaps the excellence of the stage in relation to the boot; Instead they preferred to rely on their social channels such as Piccolo Teatro in Milan and Teatro San Carlo in Naples. International theater is also available, with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Oprah National in Paris and the Marinsky Theater in St. Petersburg broadcast their shows on their respective web TVs.

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Coronavirus, Roman private theater forced to close: what harm

Best show of 2020

By the time this was possible, 2020 was a year of spectacular theatrical performances, some of which were actually unacceptable: Skier, Philipo Timmy’s Brave and Deep Monologue on Disability Supermarket By Gipo Gurrado, who remembers aspects of today’s society with a musical tragic vein. Great classics without forgetting everyone Macbeth By William Shakespeare, the immortal tragedy about the King of Scotland which has been adapted in an intelligent and contemporary way under the direction of Serena Synaglia.


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