Stressful video show, Utah Flight Passengers Get Into Physical Fight Over Face Mask Policy

Stressful video show, Utah Flight Passengers Get Into Physical Fight Over Face Mask Policy

Utah’s Elegant Air Flight turned into a combat scene when one of the passengers refused to wear a mask that covered his nose and mouth.

Other passengers on the plane, Rally L passenger Nsford, shared footage of the fight, which he said in an Instagram video that began shortly after boarding the plane.

Warning: Graphic language in video

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On Saturday, the flight was en route from Mesa, AZ to Provo, when a fight broke out. According to Lansford, one of the passengers behind him wore a face mask and refused to wear a face mask at the request of flight attendants.

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Lansford claimed the man responded to the flight attendant “with understanding” and yet did not wear a face mask.

His refusal leads to an argument between a passenger sitting next to Lansford and a man who refuses to wear a mask.

Neither passenger was identified by passenger Nsford, but in her Instagram share, she identified the passenger as “A” for the man who refused to wear a face mask and “B” for the man sitting next to her.

Passenger B continued to argue with the man, as well as used profanity towards other passengers. Lansford said Passenger B was drunk on one part of his story.

The animosity between the two passengers escalated until the passenger A stood up, and Lansford believes that Passenger B had a swing, and two persons were engaged in physical postures over the seats. The video shows a crew member calling security.

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The incident happened over the weekend on a Las Vegas-based budget airline.

Passenger A was removed from the plane, while Passenger B was allowed to continue to its destination, Lansford said.

Lansford praised the flight attendant’s performance on the situation on the plane and said an attendant believed he had seen many such contradictions with passengers refusing to wear them.

In a statement from Alliant Air to Fox News, the airline confirmed the incident and explained the need for a face mask.

“Face ingots should be made of solid material, cover the mouth and nose completely, should be snugly fitted against the face and should be secured under the chin. Prohibited coverings include exhalation valves, holes (such as lace or mesh), throat girders. ., And bandana. The face shawl can be worn in addition to covering the face, but not as an alternative. “

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The flight reportedly landed safely in Utah.


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