Study: Germany and other G20 countries love climate change. News

  Study: Germany and other G20 countries love climate change.  News

BERLIN (DPA-AFX) – Climate change has dire consequences for Germany and its economy. Without drastic reductions in greenhouse gases, the Federal Republic of Germany and other G20 countries could face new heat waves, droughts, wildfires and floods, the Italian Euro-Mediterranean Research Center for Climate Change (CMCC) said on Thursday. A study conducted by warned. From the European Climate Foundation.

Ahead of the summits of major industrialized countries (G20) in Rome over the weekend and the World Climate Change (COP26) summit in Glasgow, Scotland, scientists warned that G20 countries would lose at least four per cent on average. Their economic output (GDP) per year may increase in 2050 as a result of climate change. Scientists had warned that by 2100 it would be eight percent.

If emissions can be reduced so that warming is limited to two percent, Germany will still have to accept 1.35 percent, or less than 45 billion euros, in 2050. In a worst-case scenario, Germany would have to give up 1.85 percent of economic output annually in 2050 – then 2.95 percent by 2100. Agriculture, tourism and the coastal areas are particularly at risk.

Heat waves could hit Germany between 2036 and 2065 about 14 times more often than they do today, the report says. Drought in agriculture is expected to increase by 74 percent. East and Central Germany may be hardest hit. “Severe reductions in CO2 emissions will undermine many of these developments,” it continued.

“It is time for the G20 to convert its economic agenda into a climate agenda,” said Laurence Tubiana, head of the European Climate Foundation. “The time window for effective measures is closing quickly.” G20 countries are facing a decision: “to protect the global economy and begin a rapid transition to a climate-neutral future – or to open up the global economy through climate-damaging policies.” / lw / dp / zb

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