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Sarkar: Chief’s doubts, but Pd and M5s are under pressure for counters

AGI – Watch hands move quickly, the group leaders’ conference will meet on Tuesday to decide when to vote on the report on the status of justice in Palazo Madama. In fact the minister will have no institutional commitment for which the vote is to be postponed to Thursday, but in any case the date does not change the deadlock in the game of ‘constructors’. There are no additional numbers at this time, in fact there is a risk that the bar is less than the previous confidence. Hence the alarm started by the Democratic Party and today by the 5-Star Movement. “Resolve in 48 hours or we go to vote”, Di Mao’s message, “A vote on Bonafed is a vote on government”. Facing repeated appeals within the majority, which come mainly from those working – such as Sentiest Tabica – on the establishment of aid groups for Conte, the Prime Minister is evaluating what to do. He began – according to parliamentary sources by a majority – his ‘consultation’ with the heads of the delegation. Telephone talks that can take place after the summit in the next few hours. To understand what the locations are for maneuvers. The position that matures within the 5-star movement can be decisive in determining the pattern change. The premiere has also opened in recent times in a ‘Conte ter’, but only in front of the new group set up, not before. However, M5s has made it clear that according to what has been reported, it does not intend to sacrifice Minister Bonafed and faces mistrust of both Seals and the government. The invitation that comes from many sides in the majority is that Conte pauses before the vote, that he takes a step backward to avoid the fact that the count shows a very likely defeat. Doubt remains, the premier is asking – again according to the same sources – what is guaranteed, should he resign before passing on justice in the Senate. Concerns of 24 hours earlier are less likely than the hypothesis of counting. A final decision will be taken in the next few hours. But the pressure is growing and Conte may open up to suggestions of his growing up. After all, not only Renjian, but also exponents like Cassini, socialist Ninini or Senator Lonardo, would say yes to Bonafed’s report. And both the 5-Star Movement and a part of the Democratic Party have no desire to go to the polls, due to the conditions in which the country finds itself struggling with the vaccine plan and the ‘recovery plan’ and a crisis – This is the argument in the majority – it would put it at risk. The situation in Quirinale is celebrated without interference, paying special attention to the problems the country faces these days. Nothing has been decided already, everything will depend on what will happen in the next few days. For example, if Conte resigned before voting on Bonafed, the hands would stop at the hour of full-blown crisis. At that point the practice is clear and consultations are opened to verify, very rapidly, the feasibility of a reassignment that would lead to a calculation. If, on the other hand, we go for a vote and this attests to the lack of majority for the government, then the route for reappointment will effectively be closed. For his part, the minister is working on the Bonafed report. To explain that Italian justice has managed to adapt to the epidemic, opening up to the process of digitization; To outline how much of the amount has been allocated in the ‘recovery plan’, or about three billion, which would allow 2,300 hires, a necessary step that would help speed up the processes, in short, a unique opportunity. It is not possible to remember. And put European money at risk. The Democratic Party, however, asks the Seals’ protector for a concrete signal. This suggestion, according to what we learn from parliamentary sources, would have to set a definite time for the criminal trial to run and, if it did not, the prescription is also open to a halt to reform. Or, as an alternative, to immediately think of putting corrective measures on the reform of the statute of limitations within the reforms of criminal prosecutions and civil trials under discussion in the Chamber and Senate parliamentary committees. The Keeper is open to discussing reforms “but it is clear that the game is political and Bonafed cannot make a scapegoat”, underlining a ‘big’ M5s. This is why from now on to the next “48 hours”, as the 5-Star Movement asks them, it will be necessary to find a solution. Part of the Democratic Party asks the Prime Minister not to get close to Renzi. Italia Viva, after all, is noted by the statements of Minister Boccia, who opens a dialogue with Rignano’s senator until he takes a step back and stops blackmailing. Renzian lives on the window, the 5-Star Movement is against the former prime minister’s return for a majority but all in the making. It would depend, above all – he says, on Conte’s move – both in the Democratic Party and in the 5-Star Movement. Which would allow a step backwards opening to convince constructors to do one forward and perhaps even without Renzi, even if some Renziano’s are not. But the risks are many, now it will be necessary to understand whether the Prime Minister will decide to take them, because – as a minister points out – he will do so only if he is sure that Palazzo Chigi will not change, otherwise the Plan B vote Remains of

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