Sub-gas 2 Gas: Arrives at your nearest gas station.

Sub-gas 2 Gas: Arrives at your nearest gas station.

The last time that more than half the stations sold regular gas for less than 2 2 a gallon.

“These are all demands.” Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Services, said AAA examines prices and now confirms stations below $ 2.

With Millions of people working And millions more Working from home And for a long time Transportation, gasoline consumption is lower than previous years. It is now in the range of 85% to 89%, an improvement from 50% consumption during a broad investment-domestic order in April.

According to the AAA, the average price of gasoline across the country is currently Rs. Is 2.14. But that level is exacerbated by the skyrocketing prices at stations along the west coast, along with high-priced states. (Gas prices average 18 18,118 in California and ૨ 7.76 in the state of Washington.) The median price, which represents the point at which half of the country’s stations sell more and half less, is down two cents by Saturday. 99 is 1,999.

In 20 states, mostly in the center of the country and in the southeast, most stations are below 2. And in nine of them – Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas – at least 90% of the stations are below those prices. Even in most states where sub-gas 2 gas is not common, it can be found at a significant percentage of stations.

“I think most people will soon pay between $ 1.75 and $ 2 a gallon. About 75% of the stations across the country will probably be under 2,” Klose said.

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All states except Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Washington Washington already have at least occasional gasoline prices below $ 2 a gallon.

The decline in gas prices is aided by seasonal factors, as gasoline prices usually fall in the fall. A refined, more expensive blend of gasoline is not used during the summer to reduce the use of summer driving, cutting back consumption, and combating fog.

Something as predictable as that Daylight Saving Time End Also this weekend Decrease in driving and usage, as many drivers prefer not to drive at night.

But the current year has also seen a decline in prices due to a combination of lower demand and lower oil prices. A year ago the national average was about $ .ents61 dollars per 50 gallon.

And other factors that will affect gasoline demand and price are in play. This Include social changes in behavior due to epidemics, such as people Didn’t get along with family for the holidays, Or doing more Holiday shopping online Said Klose than Moles.

He said the worst months for consumption each year are January and February. “But December can also be a bad month.”


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