Sweden: the most beautiful lakes to visit

svezia laghi più belli

By most estimates, Sweden It’s only 100,000. hosts less than Lake, so no matter where your trip takes you within the borders of the country, you will never be far from one of the lakes more beautiful.

Many are the largest in Scandinavia and Europe, and it is no surprise that the local population’s year-round recreational activities are focused on these abundant and beautiful bodies of water.

Sweden: the most beautiful lakes

Due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle, the country experiences severe winters, and many of Sweden’s lakes are covered in meter-thick sheets of ice for most of the year.

But unlike many places where everything comes to a halt during the winter, this is not necessarily the case in Sweden.

water lake

dotted with panoramic headlights, large areas of agricultural land spread inward and over large sections white sand beach, Lake Vattern is undoubtedly more visible Of all the Swedish lakes.

While this is a title claimed by more than a few lakes in the country, thanks to its undeniable beauty and relatively central location, you may find that you don’t really need to visit many of the other lakes once you visit Vattern Lake. Is.

lago vanern

With the castle on its edge Dating back to the 13th century, Lake Vnern and the surrounding area have been important to Sweden’s economy and development for centuries; Many neighboring villages still depend on fishing as their primary means of livelihood.

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And this Sweden’s largest lake and is located right in the middle of the country, along the east-west line between Oslo and Stockholm.

lago malaren

Often referred to as Malar Lake by its English name, Malaren is third largest lake of Sweden. Since it is located a few kilometers west of Stockholm, it is one of the most visited places.
In the past, the lake was part of the Baltic Sea, but in the 10th and 11th centuries it was permanently deprived of water due to low water levels. Eventually, the salt water was replaced by cold, glacial water.

Although most of the land around the lake is covered with forestsThere are a few golf courses that offer a beautiful man-made contrast to the natural scenery.

lago storeszone

Of all the Swedish lakes, Storsjön is the lake. among the most famous, especially since it is said to be the home of a mythical creature called storjon lake monster.

People who have claimed to see it say it is about 6 meters long, with a long neck and grayish-green body – similar to the iconic Loch Ness monster of Scotland.

lago halmaren

with him many islandsWith clear waters and proximity to Stockholm, Lake Hjalmaren is one of the most popular recreational spots in the country. It is a paradise for city vacationers who want to experience the great outdoors without spending too much time in the car.

What is most of the land around the lake made of? picturesque woods and fields. The underwater area in many of the lake’s bays and inlets is characterized by relatively shallow water, dense vegetation, and raised reefs and trunks, making it the perfect habitat for fish such as pike, which grow to epic proportions.

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