Switzerland, First Vaccine Approved – RSI Swiss Radio and Television

Switzerland, First Vaccine Approved - RSI Swiss Radio and Television

Swissdick has approved for the first anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Switzerland: the Pfizer / BioNotech preparation, which uses a technique called messenger RNA, was given the green light by the Institute for Therapeutic Agents.

According to the data collected, a statement reads, seven days after the second vaccination, vaccination protection is over 90%. It is the first homologation in the world with a simple process.

The announcement follows a tightening initiated by the Federal Council, which has decided to shut down restaurants and bars, libraries and museums, zoos and sports and leisure facilities for a month. Winter elevators can only be open with Canton approval. In this regard, especially in central Switzerland, some of the cantons (Lucerne, Schwyz, Glears, Obl├Ąden) have already decided to close so as not to overload the region’s major hospitals that are already under too much stress Are (Grubenden will decide on Monday)

Friday Chronicle

In Europe we are seeing the adoption of new control measures or even total lockdown, for example in Austria in the last few hours or already done in Germany. And Italy will become a national red zone from 24 December to 6 January, with shops, bars and restaurants closed and a ban on leaving one’s home except for work and health reasons. For weekdays at the end of the year, the peninsula will be the Orange Zone.

By Stefano Vingare and Ludovico Camposampiero

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