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Two innovations of Roma Capital with respect to payment of TERI have been launched today: the possibility of receiving taxes directly on the smartphone through the IO App and payment in installments if payment is requested for years prior to 2022.

The project which allows home users to receive and pay Tari bills directly on the smartphone, through IO, the official app for interaction with the public administration, provides continuous and efficient access to public services to the citizens in a simple and effective manner. Part of the growing digitization. Negotiations with the administration of the Roma Capital.

Already today, the first electronic mailing of bills will begin for users who have already downloaded IO. Other notifications, also on the io platform, will be sent around July 20, to give users who have downloaded the app the possibility to use the new system in the coming weeks. The normal paper bill will continue to arrive as usual and all the normal modes of payment already provided by Ama will be active at all times.

You must activate the SPID digital identity to access the IO App. It is estimated that the app has already been downloaded by about 500 thousand citizens of Rome, and the administration hopes to be able to reach a large number of users, thanks to a specific and comprehensive information campaign. In the next few days, specific SMS and informational emails will also be sent to registered users on the Roma Capital portal.

The news on installments is also important: in the event that a date payment is requested for years prior to 2022, for a value between 300 and 3000 euros, home users can pay this amount in installments simply by accessing the Ama website. Payment will be allowed, without any further hindrance. This is thanks to a proposal approved today by the Capitoline Council as the first step towards the implementation of a fair tax compliance policy for local taxes, making the burden more and more efficient and less difficult for local taxpayers. Naturally, all the usual deductions and concessions in support of vulnerable groups apply.

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Installment request must be submitted to:

– by 5 September 2022, if the semester amount for the years prior to 2022 is reported in the TERI 1st semester payment notice;

– By January 10, 2023, if the semester amount for the years prior to 2022 is reported in the TERI II semester payment notice.

Common customer support channels (such as number 06.06.06 and website www.amaroma.it) will be available, especially advanced ones, to support citizens who face difficulties or technical problems with the innovations introduced on TERI Payments may fall.

“The possibility of receiving TATE directly on a smartphone via the IO App is an important step in this administration’s effort to make interactions between citizens and Roma Capital simpler, faster and without complications; TATE for the years before 2022 This is also the basis for the innovation we introduced on installment payments when payment is requested. In the coming months, available telematic and payment services will continue to grow, thus beginning an overall strategy to redefine municipal fiscal policy, In which the fight against tax evasion passes, first of all, by easing the burden for Roman women”, declared the deputy mayor and councilor for the budget of the capital of Rome, Sylvia Scosze.


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