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La Spirithèque de l’Explorateur du Goût

Spirithek’s ambition combines happiness and environmental awareness. L’Explorateur du Goût thus offers, for the first time, a range of refillable spirits showcasing passionate producers, particularly in dedicated high-end furniture, who are committed to constantly and in pursuit of the excellence of their products Huh. On behalf of the user, the experience provides a privileged moment through careful presentation of illuminated bottles, essential information on spirits and elegant recycled glass bottles to fill.

This innovative concept was recognized and implemented as a concern for sustainable development in partnership with Studio Jean-Marc Gadi teams. The cabinet and module are designed with the aim of reducing carbon footprint: the cabinet is made in FSC certified beech élair, and the bottles are made of blown glass to be measured by a French craftsman. La Spirithèque offers a response to new consumer expectations, in an unpredictable universe rather than spirits.

The spirits offered at La Spiritheque are made with respect to traditional knowledge. They are also natural, artisan and sometimes certified organic. For some time, about thirty fellow wine merchants offer this system of refillable artisan spirits. There are three mixed Scottish malt whiskeys made specifically for the Spiritheque by Scott Watson, two of Maison Benjamin Kuentz’s French whiskeys: a spring glass and Aux Particles wine from version 4; An aged rum from Trinidad by Bruno Le Merle and a French Gin: Diploma by Edouard Bettigny. Each composition is presented in a specially designed module that really matters: the product, its creator, and its story.

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Consumers only have to select the soul they want, then their bottle format, reflable and reusable, in 70 cl or 20 cl, to fill it themselves or it is filled by their wine merchant. During the next voyages, he returns with his empty bottle, thus saving money by paying only for refills and avoiding unnecessary waste. “Draw” When the liquid is transferred from the carboy to the bottle, it also brings a touch of magic through the play of colors and light, further clarifying the cellar experience.

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The purchase and use of a bottle of spiritheque has a carbon footprint that is estimated to be 4 to 5 times less than that of a conventional bottle.

Taste Spiritk Explorer

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