TEDxCremona, the countdown to save the planet

TEDxCremona, the countdown to save the planet

Cremona – An event (also in live streaming) to understand how to change our daily behavior. Because every little gesture can make a difference. The countdown to save the planet has begun and it is no longer possible to remain indifferent. this is the message TEDx Cremona Countdown, He Friday December 10th at 9 pm On the new Cremona campus of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

Quattro Speakers. Four speakers for four ideas of sustainability: Matteo Angry (PhD in Microbiology and founder of Environomica), Alyssa Nikolic (green content editor), Paul Skokai (Professor in the Department of Agri-Food Economics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) e alessandra prampolinik (Director of WWF Italy). Gotta capture the thread of the story piero brezzale (Journalist).

live streaming. Participation is by invitation, in compliance with regulations to combat COVID-19, but live-streaming on the YouTube channel allows everyone to follow the program https://tedxcremona.com/countdown

« TED Countdown is a global initiative To turn ideas into actions, to support and accelerate the resolution of the climate crisis. The world edition was held in Scotland last October, where there was a loud message: we can stop climate change“, explains Andrea Mattioli (Organizer TEDxCremona). “It is no coincidence that we have chosen Thirty university students in the audience (Catholic University and Polytechnic); It is with them and together with civil society, entrepreneurs, institutions we must question ourselves and build the future through collective and individual actions ».

Stay Connected. “Just three months after the first TEDxCremona (11 September 2021 – Ponchielli Theatre), bringing COUNTDOWN to our town we felt like A useful opportunity to stay connected with the community. Each of us is an integral part of the environment and as citizens and consumers we are called to understand what is possible to do on a daily basis for the betterment of the planet and humanity. It can no longer be postponed », says Mattioli. ,For science, Earth will likely survive change, with mankind taking the greatest risk, There are 7.7 billion people living on the planet today: If everyone gains awareness and turns it into a permanent behavior, something happens.,

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«To help us understand what can be done, there will be four different professional and life-experience speakers: a professor, a popular one, a PhD in microbiology and the director of WWF Italy. The mix looks promising », explains Mattioli. « Diversity feeds ideas, supports ideas and innovations, also through opposition. It is the stylistic code that drives and inspires the TEDxCremona team ».

Why Santa Monica on Campus. «Even the choice of venue considers an essential value for organizing TEDxCremona COUNTDOWN. NSThe campus of the Catholic University of Cremona is a unique location: it tells of an efficient architectural recovery, the transformation of an abandoned building into a university center, A sustainable operation that gives value to Cremona, says Mattioli. “I think beauty and wisdom are complementary, so studying in a place like Santa Monica can make a difference.”


Alyssa Nicoli. By profession he is Green Content Editor, i.e. Environmental Communicator, a professional person responsible for researching, selecting and promoting valuable content related to the topic of environment. He’ll talk about best practices and virtuous behavior with a speech already titled “Plastic Free – Is the Problem Really Only Plastic?”.

Mateo Angry. Italian born and raised in Mozambique, he has a background in tropical agriculture technologies, a PhD in microbiology, and a food innovation specialist. In his speech he will talk about the role of plants in economic and social development in developing countries, describing his decades of experience in projects related to solidarity afforestation and international cooperation.

Paul Skokai. He teaches economics and is director of the Department of Agri-Food Economics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. He will explain the linkages linking agriculture, food and climate change, talking about his experience and the challenges we face in the coming years.

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Alessandra Prampolini. The Director General of WWF Italy, with a background in economics for international cooperation and development, focuses on the analysis of environmental imbalances and possible solutions at the global and local levels. He will bring his firsthand experience, speaking to us about the responsibility and role of politics, the economy, businesses and citizens in building a more sustainable world.

TEDxCremona, Municipality of Cremona, Violin Museum, Apindustria Cremona, takes place under the patronage of the Associazione Piper.


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