Tensions between Scottish and French fishermen over access to the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Tensions between Scottish and French fishermen over access to the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Scottish fishermen denounce their French counterparts’ plan to block access to the port of Bologne-sur-Mer. For their part, the French are demanding the allocation of the necessary licenses to fish in British waters.

More than three months after Brexit came into force, tensions between French and British fishermen are still high. “Scottish fishermen call for action on French plan to block port” From Bologne-sur-Mer, British daily’s title line many times.

The blockade of the port of Bologne-sur-Mer is judged “Malleable” By Scottish fishermen and “Threatening to stop them from docking to bring back their catches”, Report good times. Scottish Seafood Association managing director Jimmy Buchan regretted the attitude of the French fishermen:

It is sad to say that French fishermen still want to obstruct the right to earn the livelihood of others. “

Strategic port

Bologne-sur-Mer is a strategic location for Scottish fishermen. The port of Hauts-de-France serves as a base for exporting its products with high added value, such as langoustine or scallops. “Alone, Langosteen exports represent 80 million pounds per year”, The British daily specifies.

French fishermen are demanding that they be given the requested license to fish in the British waters. According to him, 80% of ships operating from Bologne-sur-Mer have not received precious mole. The purpose of the action is also“To draw attention to the economic disaster facing the region”, Add times.

Post-Brexit stress

Fishing was a major point when negotiating a post-Brexit trade deal last year. The text finally establishes a transitional period of five and a half years, during which Europeans will gradually return 25% of their hold to British waters. For some time, mutual access to territorial waters is guaranteed subject to the submission of fishing licenses.

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The situation remains very uncomfortable for fishermen. The delay in license allocation continues. Like export difficulties: “The total loss of exporters is in millions of pounds”, Indicates times. “A lot of promises have been made to facilitate exports after Brexit but very few have been fulfilled” The closing of Jimmy Buchan.

The source

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