Tesla and Elon Musk are the target of a new ticket ok smear campaign paid for by a mysterious company

Tesla and Elon Musk are the target of a new ticket ok smear campaign paid for by a mysterious company

Tesla and Elon Musk have been claimed to be targeting a new paid ticket ok smear campaign on “employee health negligence and participation in union busting”.

Behind the new project is MSCHF, a somewhat mysterious company that has run fantastic product drops and stunt marketing campaigns.

It was described as a “collective” New York Times profile Earlier this year:

It also rarely produces commercial goods, and its employees are reluctant to call it a company. They refer to MSCHF, which was founded in 2016, as “brand,” “group” or “collective” and their creations, which appear as “drops” every two weeks.

While the company has been described as an “anti-capitalist” group, it has done deals with brands in the past and taken over 11 million in outside investments.

Now its latest “drop” is called somethingAnti Advertising Advertising Club, ‘Which they claim will pay ticket ok users to spread negative messages about brands.

Tesla is one of the most targeted companies in the anti-sponsored post campaign, and MSCHF will pay people લોકોને 1,000 if they spread the word about Tesla to more than 500,000 people:

The reason for targeting Tesla is apparently “for employee health negligence and union busting.”

Here’s the real ‘Tesla voice’ that the group pays users to promote:

It’s a parody of Billy il Lish’s “Bad Guy” song, and the new songs mainly focus on musk instead of Tesla:

“So he’s a car guy. Like Elon Musk, full name. Bitch about the rights of my workers. “Covid overhip” person. That’s the big boss type. Type “F * CK Shelter”. Squash the right type of your union. Get into Twitter fights. He is a bad person. “

He focuses on Musk’s remarks in the early days of the epidemic, when he questioned the seriousness of the situation and forced the reopening of Tesla’s Fremont factory against orders from local authorities.

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There are already over 150 videos using “Tesla Voice” on Ticket OK.

Take the electric

This all seems a little out of place.

Based on the Anti-Advertising Advertising Club’s ore, it seems that its main point is against advertising and especially sponsored posts, which it describes as the “ubiquitous omnipotence of social platforms”, not Tesla’s methods.

The funny thing for me is that if they’re really trying to show off with this campaign, why not go after brands that use advertising and more specially sponsored posts?

Tesla does not use popularly advertised or sponsored posts.

About the issues they bring up in the parody song, they are hard to argue. Elon’s comment on COVID has not been good, and he has never accepted it or offered a corrected route.

To put it bluntly, he is giving his detectors a valid “attack vector” here.

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